Communicating Reward Strategies

Communication is key to promoting an understanding of the strategy and the reasons why it is what it is. Communication also can inspire employees to focus on organizational objectives and to contribute to its performance.

Effective communication is one of the best tools rewards practitioners have. Informing, influencing and inspiring employees is best done by ensuring they understand the reasons for the rewards strategy and have the opportunity to surface their beliefs about its soundness. Every employee wishes to be rewarded equitably, competitively and appropriately. But if employees are left to guess what the rewards strategy is, why it was selected and how it impacts everyone, discontent can be created by their assuming things are worse than they are. Respecting the right of employees to know how they and others will be rewarded can help clear up misperceptions and convince employees that the organization is acting appropriately.

An excerpt from:“Communicating Rewards Strategies To Employees: Informing, Influencing and Inspiring” Email to request a copy of the full article by Robert J. Greene, PhD, CCP, CBP, GRP, SPHR, GPH