Can HR Functions Do Better By Doing Things Differently?

HR functions must find an optimal way to get things done. If the work can be eliminated, done better, or done by others, HR executives should evaluate the options and make the changes that will maximize effectiveness and efficiency

What, If Anything, Needs To Change?

If an HR function finds itself overloaded and/or not competent to perform critical human resource management tasks effectively, a series of questions should be asked:

  • Does this need to be done at all?
  • Can this be done better?
  • Could this be done on a different schedule?
  • Should the HR organization be staffed differently?”
    One of the challenges faced by HR functions is staffing and organizing appropriately. Some HR units consist of HR Generalists while others are dominated by Specialists in functions such as Compensation, Benefits, Staffing and the like. Highly technical issues (e.g., Benefit program design) challenge the units composed of Generalists, while units staffed by Specialists often make decisions narrowly focused on one function without considering the impact on others. The appropriate balance of skills is the remedy and the future staffing and training efforts should be focused on achieving that balance.
  • Should HR be doing this or should it be handed off to the line?

If the answers to these questions leave HR with work that it is not staffed or competent to perform at the levels required then one of the options that is increasingly being considered is outsourcing that work.

If work is to be outsourced the short and long-term consequences of doing so should be carefully considered. 


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