Pay For Performance Assessment – 10 Questions

Assess the readiness for pay for performance compensation of your organization.

  1. Are jobs documented accurately and does the documentation reflect current duties, responsibilities and qualifications?
  2. Are jobs placed into a grade/classification structure in a manner that reflects internal equity?
  3. Are pay ranges assigned to grades that are competitive with prevailing rates in the relevant labor market(s), and do they reflect the organization’s desired posture relative to the market?
  4. Are performance standards established for jobs (in the form of criteria for assessing performance in the job and/or goals for the current period)?
  5. Is there a defined performance management policy that defines management’s responsibility to establish expectations at the start of the year, continuously measure performance during the year and appraise performance at the end of the year?
  6. Have managers been trained in performance management?
  7. Have employees been informed of the role of their managers and themselves relative to performance management and do they understand how the process works?
  8. Are there policies mandating that performance appraisals be conducted for all employees annually according to an established schedule?
  9. What are the corrective actions if appraisals are not done on schedule, if they are superficial or if the manager and the employee disagree on the rating?
  10. What has been the impact of performance ratings on pay actions in the past?

Robert J. Greene, PhD, CCP, CBP, GRP, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, GPHR. CEO of Reward $ystems, Inc.,

Helping Organizations Succeed Through People.